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Word of Honor


Jún 9, 2020
Zhehan Zhang
from the google translate
I will never give up! (OP) Behave in numbness and look for memories in loneliness. Once a teenager has become sleek and sophisticated. The hero of the past has become a pillow reading, when the time is replaced by regrets. Do you remember when you cried for love, when the energy became a sound? Sigh, remember that you once held up your head in tribute to youth idont want lose! Looking forward to tomorrow, it's better to raise your arms and shout that you don't want to dream into a curtain and regret ican't lose! I can still drink and sing, I color anime heroes, never be silent, never curious, I believe that success is in front of my eyes, never heavy, never indulge Qusi can also be against the sky, Zhang Zhechao lunatic